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Be in harmony with yourself,
within your relationships,
with your purpose driven-goals  

How can I help?

With a bold and essential approach of coaching, called Equus-coaching, I include the role of horses within the process to help you access straight out to your truth.​ Horses offer a powerful roadmap to:

  • Learn about ourselves and reconnect with who we’re born to be

  • Gain confidence, assertiveness, and leadership

  • Develop emotional, social and relationship intelligence


​Nature and horses have a lot to share with us about living and leading. That's why I use the interaction on the ground with horses to provide an experience of leadership combined with easy-to-use practices you can implement in work and life.

​Clients come to me to undertake the transformation they want to see in their system. Systems start with self and are made of many relationships – a board, a department, a family, a couple, a sport team, a business partnership, a community... Being all interconnected, we do shape and influence our environment with our state of being.


Through Equine Guided Experiential Coaching (EGEC), I help you develop your personal power, define what is your “why”, and align your purpose with personal and professional projects for more meaningful impacts.


Who can benefit?

Wild Horses
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Girl with Horse

CEOs & Leaders

Do you want to use your own strengths and personality to inspire, strategize, lead change, demonstrate courage, solve complex problems, bring value to your organisation by empowering and motivating your team?

This coaching approach will show you areas for growth, help you designing the transformation, and practicing new ways of leading to develop your own charisma.


Are you aiming to shift the system’s dynamics to build an engaged team that exceeds expectations and has fun doing it? Are you ready to cultivate a culture that embodies engagement, values, diversity and inclusion,  collective leadership, and  healthy relationships?

Here are the keys to position your organization at the top of the “Best Places to Work” list and lead to a killer bottom line.


Are you willing to take back control of your life, reconnect with your inner self, find the courage to plan and live your project? Is your heart or body calling for a change to find profound harmony?

Interacting with a horse and your coach will illuminate so many aspects of your “self” that you’ll learn instantly more than you could imagine!

Why do I do what I do?

I want to help people be in harmony.

I am fulfilled and grateful to dedicate my passion for horses, expertise in communications, and positive energy to bring human sense into ambitions for happier lives, increase the positivity within relationships, support people and organizations to be consistent with their purpose and reach their full potential.


This purpose drives the work I do for CEOs and leaders, individuals of all ages, and teams within organisations through various business coaching tools and Equine Guided Experiential Coaching (EGEC).

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