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Group Hug

Why an organisation
comes to me?

Equus-coaching is a unique and transformational experience to support the leadership and team development initiatives.

Organisations come to me to shift the team’s dynamics to reach high performance collaboration, greater sense of belonging, increased agility and ability to navigate complexity.

Thematic workshop for leadership 

My approach to the change process

Together we will understand the issues your leaders and teams are facing. Maud and her team of experts will offer a customised solution that addresses those needs and helps you achieve your goals. 

During Equine Guided Experiential Coaching (EGEC), the interaction with the horse and the team will allow you to:

  • Design and experience the path towards your business goals.

  • Manage the change. Horses can teach us to be more playful and curious with our change process.

  • Foster innovative thinking and creative collaboration. Horses and coach will guide your team to bring new self-aspects and enhance the fusion of individuals’ creativity.

  • Boost the implication and energy of the team. Horses will mirror the energy the participants bring to the business.

  • Increase cohesion and collective leadership. Participants will experience and visualise the functional and emotional roles they carry to support the performance of the team.

  • Align your business strategy with participants’ heart and own sense of purpose. Horses are inspired to follow when they feel the energy is authentic in the present moment.

The team workshop will conclude with a coaching session where the participants will create a clear plan for bringing their experience with the horses back to the office and to their interactions with one another.


Equus-coaching can be combined with other team coaching tools to deeply integrate the learning.

What is the role of the horse?

The human and horse relationship provides a rare opportunity to receive direct, non-judgmental insights into how others experience you. When we seek to learn strengths and areas for development through feedback from people around us, for various reasons, humans consciously or unconsciously hold back information and feelings, especially with leaders and executives.


The horse is an excellent listener to the energetic qualities of your body language, mood, attitude and general state of being. As a prey, horses sense an increase in energy in their environment and they respond to it immediately.

With the help of the Equus-coach, you will notice the horse’s actions and explore how it relates to your team’s experience.

Equus-coaching/EGEC is a felt experience instead of a mental construct. As a result, the lessons learned are anchored in new ways, ensuring long-term shifts in behaviour and ways of being.

Among other things, participants will learn to:

  • Increase self and team awareness, reduce bias and foster inclusion

  • Co-create and hold together a constructive and positive atmosphere

  • Recognise areas of friction and determine ways to manage or remove them

  • Set and honor healthy boundaries

  • Approach problems and opportunities with courage and ownership

  • Build effective and trustworthy relationships

  • Develop new team dynamics

  • Enhance communication clarity and authenticity


"Maud is a great communications executive and uses her insight, guidance and knowledge to develop and enhance senior leaders' communications and public appealing skills. She is blending her business and coaching expertise with her own personality to craft engaging and effective communications that helped us build meaningful and lasting relationships with our internal and external stakeholders."

Christina Struller da Costa, VP Corporate Affairs, Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa, UPS


The power of connecting with the nature is essential. We select gorgeous and peaceful facilities to operate the EGEC sessions in Al Ruwayya, Mirdif, Warsan and more. The recommended location will vary to ensure your optimal experience. Or you can make a request for Maud to come to your area!​

Before your session - come prepared

To make the most of your time with me, please fill out this brief questionnaire about areas of growth and quality of relationships.

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