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Holding Hands Up High
Why an organisation
comes to me?

I help co-create a more fulfilled work environment by revealing people’s impact and roles within their team. 

Organisations come to me to shift the team’s dynamics to reach high performance collaboration, greater sense of belonging, increased agility and ability to navigate complexity.

A systemic approach

Are you aiming to shift the team’s dynamics to reach high performance collaboration, greater agility and ability to navigate complexity? Are you looking for new ways to empower the members of your team, increase collective leadership, as well as facilitate the growth of the team together?

This approach creates sustainable and resilient teams and organisations. 

Clients come to me to undertake the transformation they want to see in their system. Human systems start with self and are made of many relationships – a board, a department, a family, a couple, a sport team, a business partnership, a community... Being all interconnected, we all shape and influence our environment with our state of being. The members of a team are in an interdependent relationship with the other members around a common goal or task.

The system is naturally self-regulating; therefore, the team coach first focuses on building the foundations and raising awareness about the system's reality, strengths, beliefs and challenges. The team will learn to find its own answers, develop its creativity, and become more agile to create greater performance.


What will make your team ressourful?

Experiential team coaching will provide you with:

  • Increased self and team awareness

  • Greater curiosity towards diversity increasing inclusion and reducing bias

  • Strengthened sense of belonging

  • Clarity on functional and emotional roles contributing to the organisation's performance

  • A feeling of being connected to the work they are doing and how they contribute to the higher purpose of the organisation

  • A practice to co-create and hold together a constructive and positive atmosphere

  • Tools to recognise areas of friction and determine ways to manage or remove them

  • A practice to handle courageous and authentic conversations

  • More effective and trustworthy relationships

  • New team dynamics

  • Enhanced effective communications

How can I help you?

Bringing harmony, relationship intelligence and confidence

I will support you to create bigger possibilities for personal and system change through Organization and Relationship System Coaching (ORSC™). We will work with your team to develop high relational intelligence, provide skills and tools to handle conflict resolution, develop strategic vision and priorities, develop self and team awareness to create new team dynamics.

Aligning your business strategy with each leaders’ heart and own sense of purpose will magnify the impact on your teams. Through one-on-one leadership coaching, I support leaders building on their strengths, sense of self and confidence to develop an engaged and meaningful internal communications approach, so that others are inspired, dare to challenge, speak up and truly commit to your organisation’s vision.


Together, we can create an impactful One Voice! Using 15 years of executive communications, media relations and customer communications experience, I give the whole leadership team support to align the voices around a unified message supporting the organisation’s purpose, so that it creates a greater sense of belonging with the employees, the customers and the overall stakeholders.

You dare self-discovery and go beyond conventional coaching? Experience how I bring horses for greater harmony through Equine Guided Experiential Coaching (EGEC)!

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"Maud worked with me for five years providing communications coaching ahead of media work. She has remarkable insight, is focused, and understands the desired end game. I would thoroughly recommend her."

Alan Williams, VP Sponsorship & Operations

Expo 2020 Dubai, UPS.

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