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Wild Horses

Why top executives come to me?

Clients come to me to undertake the transformation they want to see in their organisation’s performance. They understand that the change comes within them first to inspire their teams and engage with impact with their employees, customers, and their overall stakeholders.

A person who is seeking for effective coaching wants to strengthen his/her leadership and requires tools to support efficiently the accomplishment of his/her vision.

My approach to the change process

Do you want to use your own strengths and personality to inspire, strategise, lead change, demonstrate courage, solve complex problems, bring value to your organisation by empowering and motivating your team?


Together we will identify the areas for growth. The domain of development can be:

  • Professional: career identity, leadership, management, financial compensation, peer relationships, communications skills, assertiveness, purpose driven goals…

  • Fundamental: sense of self, core beliefs and values, life transitions, sense of life, purpose, self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, stress management, fears that are limiting a person’s ability to move forward in life.


With curiosity, non-judgement and easy-to-use practices, we will explore your behavioural and thought patterns that have been programmed through previous rational and social experiences. You will learn how to communicate with energy, enthusiasm, and passion whilst displaying positive body language to create genuine interest. The horse will teach you how to identify your instinctive response to pressure, stress, and conflicts. We will develop your ability to reconnect with yourself, lead with vulnerability and compassion, and increase your capacity to communicate and coordinate without emotional baggage.

What is the role of the horse?

The human and horse relationship provides a rare opportunity to receive direct, non-judgmental insights into how others experience you. When we seek to learn strengths and areas for development through feedback from people around us, for various reasons, humans consciously or unconsciously hold back information and feelings, especially with leaders and executives.


The horse is an excellent listener to the energetic qualities of your body language, mood, attitude and general state of being. As a prey, horses sense an increase in energy in their environment and they respond to it immediately.

With the help of the Equus-coach, you will notice the horse’s actions and explore how it relates to your team’s experience.

Equus-coaching/EGEC is a felt experience instead of a mental construct. As a result, the lessons learned are anchored in new ways, ensuring long-term shifts in behaviour and ways of being.

Equine Guided Experiential Coaching (EGEC) will provide you with:

  • A deeper awareness of how you show up and communicate in the world

  • A practice in inspiring others to join you and follow your lead through the power of your communication and presence

  • A clarity of direction for what you want to create in your professional life

  • An ability to listen and align your mind, heart and body

  • A sense of your internal wisdom and use it as a source of power

  • Tools to manage crisis and remain in control with serenity and confidence

  • A practice to integrate your new awareness


"Maud is a great communications executive and uses her insight, guidance and knowledge to develop and enhance senior leaders' communications and public appealing skills. She is blending her business and coaching expertise with her own personality to craft engaging and effective communications that helped us build meaningful and lasting relationships with our internal and external stakeholders."

Christina Struller da Costa, VP Corporate Affairs, Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa, UPS


The power of connecting with the nature is essential. We select gorgeous and peaceful facilities to operate the EGEC sessions in Al Ruwayya, Mirdif, Warsan and more. The recommended location will vary to ensure your optimal experience. Or you can make a request for Maud to come to your area!​

Before your session - come prepared

To make the most of your time with me, please fill out this brief questionnaire about areas of growth and quality of relationships.

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