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About Me

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Who am I?

  • I am present to others, I deeply care for people’s happiness

  • I am highly professional and aim for significant results

  • I am curious and creative

  • I am excited to contribute to a business strategy and add value to a vision by bringing a purpose for a better future

  • I strive to develop positivity in relationships, I love to have an authentic connection with people

  • I am empathetic and hear people’s pain points and what they need

  • I understand what business audiences care for

  • I have a sensitive connection with horses, I feel the energy in the atmosphere

  • The human and horse relationship nurtures my soul

  • I am fascinated by the richness of human relationships and our communications

My Story

As an equus-coach and an expert in leadership communications, I want to help you find how to reveal your talent, your uniqueness, your leadership. The true connection with oneself is the unlocking key to reach your full potential.

I am an Integral Master Coach, an Equus-coach certified by Ipocampus in France and a trained Organization and Relationship System Coach.

I have 15 years of experience in executive communications, media relations and customer communications experience, working in multinational and 500 fortune companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa. While I was exploring deeper the power of the human and horse relationship and getting certified as an equus-coach, I observed a new trend of companies conveying a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose to employees and customers. I started to bring further my true self – positive and grounded energy, caring, connecting, honesty, love and determination – to brief and prepare leaders to perform on stage, at region’s town hall, and with media. As a result, I could see that my assertiveness and understanding of what matters to the audience were helping the spokespersons leverage their authentic personality and significantly increase the impact of their communications.

It became an evidence I had found my own purpose, my "Why do I do what I do?"

I am delighted to dedicate my passion for horses, expertise in communications, and positive energy to help you be in harmony and reach your full potential.

What's my why?

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