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Let the horses guide you !

Key benefits of Equine Guided Experiential Coaching (EGEC) include:

  • Stronger sense of self, greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence,

  • Renewed approach to communication and creative problem-solving,

  • Increased clarity to gain assertiveness, confidence, and charisma.

Thematic workshops 

What is Equus-coaching?

Equus-coaching is a deep and highly efficient approach for self-development, emotional intelligence and effective communications where you learn by doing. 


Being an experiential coaching through which the person is guided by the horse’s feedback, we also describe this approach as Equine Guided Experiential Coaching (EGEC).  


The horse is a mediator and an accelerator in the coaching process by acting as a mirror of your general state of being, your thought patterns and behaviours. The coach creates the ground conditions and translate the horse’s responses to facilitate a self-reflective process. Being non-judgmental, the horse teaches you how to recognize your emotional states, and experience new perspectives and possibilities by daring creativity and aligning your mind, body and heart.

Equus-coaching is a felt experience instead of a mental construct. As a result, the lessons learned are anchored in new ways, ensuring long-term shifts in behaviour and ways of being and leading.


​All activities take place on the ground. You do not ride horses and do not need any previous riding experience. Animal fears are sometimes even a great opportunity to surpass oneself gently and safely. Maud will guide you at your personal level of comfort around horses.

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