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Motivational Speaker

Why is communications important in leadership?

Communications is at the core of effective leadership. If you have the ability to communicate with impact and connect with your audiences, you will increase your influences in every situation.

A multi-dimensional approach

In organisations, we don’t need more communications, more information. We need meaning,

we need purpose, we need to be able to connect with and belong to.

Managers communicate accurate and timely information to help the team execute their tasks. Leaders communicate to get people expand their mind, dare to act differently, work together, align towards a vision, commit to the organisation’s goals. A leader who applies effective communications needs to master communications skills and speak in three dimensions:

  • Personal: Master your organisation’s external messages and go beyond using your story and why it matters to you to establish a personal connection. Answer the question why the audience should care? What is their burning need? Be authentic to build trust, create essence in the relationship and allow your audience to relate to what they like in you. 

  • Story: Ensure the audience recall the key pieces of information through storytelling - the most powerful and oldest form of communications. Today, the audience is waiting for the leader to help create a new and bigger story for the employees, the customers, the stakeholders and the organisation driving us to a better future. A meaningful purpose is the storyline, the dreaming level, that we connect with and each one of the audiences has a starring role.

  • Future: Inspire with an invitation for a better tomorrow than today. A shared vision and a moving purpose drives motivations, provides a sense of contributing to future generations and increases people's belonging.  

What will make you an effective communicator?

Together, we can unlock your leadership power by strengthening your skills and learning how to:

  • ​Build clear communications: select, identify and communicate simple messages aligned to the company’s strategic objectives

  • Manage crisis communications: apply techniques to manage and stay in control of the conversation in a virtual setting, over the phone and in person

  • Build relationship and trust: cultivate presence, communicate authentically and tailor the message to one’s natural expression and form of speech

  • Increase agility: easily adapt, repurpose, and communicate a set of core messages to match different publications and target audiences

  • Develop confidence and impact: deliver stories with confidence and credibility by matching the message and the messenger

How can I help you?

Revealing your personal charisma

Using 15 years of executive communications, media relations and customer communications experience, I give leaders support in being effective and authentic spokespersons, having a positive impact within their current and future sphere of influence, and setting purpose-driven goals.

This communications coaching program contains a mix of theory and practical role-playing interviews, and even equine guided experience coaching if you dare self-discovery. Together, we will work on a multi-dimensional communications approach.


I help you capitalize on your existing leadership and communications skills and address individual, relationship, managerial or organizational challenges. Being in harmony with who you are and what you do will allow you to tap into your personal power and increase your charisma.

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"Maud worked with me for five years providing communications coaching ahead of media work. She has remarkable insight, is focused, and understands the desired end game. I would thoroughly recommend her."

Alan Williams, VP Sponsorship & Operations

Expo 2020 Dubai, UPS.

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