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Why joining a workshop?

The interaction with horses and other participants on a shared thematic allows you to further accelerate the learnings, expand your awareness and perspectives about the matter, and plan new ways to take actions and follow through on your objectives.

Thematic workshops 

Experience innovative experiential coaching where you learn by doing. The lessons learned are anchored in new ways, ensuring long-term shifts in behaviour and ways of being.

Thematic Workshops

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Customise a Memorable Gift

An empowering adventure for you and your loved ones where you'll be surrounded by nature and guided by horses to discover new perspectives, reconnect with yourseld & others, improve confidence, emotional intelligence, and relationships.

½ Day Self-development

Open up new perspectives and possibilities for your self-development!

Discover the equine guided empowerment enabled through the Human & Horse relationship.

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Full Day Entrepreneurship

Gain visibility and confidence in the path towards your professional project. Open a world of new perspective, strengthen your business plan and empower your leadership. Align your business strategy with your heart and your own purpose.


For children
Feel & Grow in Relationship

Help your child manage and express their feelings effectively through enriching activities and the magical bond with horses. Limited to 4 participants, aged 5 to 12 year old.

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½ Day Parent-Teenager

Increase the positivity within the relationship. Learn how to co-create and hold together the atmosphere through different circumstances.

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Experiential Coaching

Explore new perspectives and possibilities to enhance your team's skills through three innovative experiential approaches: Equus-coaching, StorySpeaking & Soft-skills, and Sophro-coaching organised in collaboration with Vanessa Maze-Sencier, Life Coach and Sophro Therapist, and Stéphane Brismontier, CEO & Co-Founder of Culture Emulsion.

Here's what we'll do together

STEP 1 - Before the workshop: discover and start the introspection work

  • You will have a 30-minute introduction conversation prior to the workshop

  • A questionnaire will help you initiate your introspection work and ensure the session will be customized to fit your need

STEP 2 - During the workshop: embrace equine guided empowerment

  • Land softly in a serene environment, enjoy a welcoming coffee or tea

  • Learn more about the power of equus-coaching, connect with the group and voice your intention for the session

  • Experience a series of individual and in group interactions with the horses that are thoughtfully designed to help you connect with your wisdom

  • Benefit from the group's insights and learnings through coached discussions

  • Snacks & drinks will be offered throughout the workshop

  • Closing coaching discussion to reflect on the learnings and define small steps to move forward the initiated change

STEP 3 - Following the workshop: integrate your new awareness

  • Journal your progress in the new journey

  • Review the videos and photos shared to anchor the unique experience

While increasing your sense of self, we will change the way you perceive yourself, others and the world. The horses will offer new perspectives and show you more possibilities. We will practice and create new choices in how to respond to recurrent situations aligned with your heart, body and mind.

What is the role of the horse?

The human and horse relationship provides a rare opportunity to receive direct, non-judgmental insights into how others experience you. When we seek to learn strengths and areas for development through feedback from people around us, for various reasons, humans consciously or unconsciously hold back information and feelings, especially with leaders and executives, love partners, or children.


The horse is an excellent listener to the energetic qualities of your body language, mood, attitude and general state of being. As a prey, horses sense an increase in energy in their environment and they respond to it immediately.


With the help of the Equus-coach, you will notice the horse’s actions and explore how it relates to your inner’s experience.


"The workshop held by Maud and her partners helped in realising 3 crucial components that need to come together to build effective teams: self management, clear and creative expression of you and your message, and effective teamwork and learning in a new environment"


Sven Deckers

Director Strategic Planning and PMO, Dubai Airports


The power of connecting with the nature is essential. We select gorgeous and peaceful facilities to operate the EGEC sessions in Al Ruwayya, Mirdif, Warsan and more. The recommended location will vary to ensure your optimal experience. Or you can make a request for Maud to come to your area!​

Before your session - come prepared

To make the most of your time with me, please fill out this brief questionnaire about areas of development and quality of relationships.

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